School Clubs

Moat Farm Infant School

We have a variety of clubs on offer throughout the year.

Most of our clubs are run by Premier Sports who issued the following statement:

‘Premier Education are delighted to be able to provide a wide range of Extra Curricular activities for the children at Moat Farm Infant School. Our highly trained staff ensure that each young person entrusted into our care receives the highest quality coaching, instruction and individual attention enabling them to develop their basic skills in a fun environment.

We know that as a Parent you are always looking for a safe environment for your Children to experience New Sports and Activities while having FUN. The after-school clubs provide such an environment ensuring that, the range of activities offered, from ball games through gymnastics and dance, enable each child to develop lifelong learning skills individually and as part of a group.

Activities offered include:

Basketball, Dance, Gymnastics, Dodgeball, Handball, Football, Kwik Cricket, Tag Rugby, Athletics, Arrows Archery.’

Questions and Answers

Q. How long do the clubs run for?
A. Half a Term

Q. Who do I give the consent forms and the money to?
A. Children need to give the money and form to the class teacher in a named envelope. These will then be passed down to the School Office and a receipt will be provided.

Q. Is it taught by a specialist staff?
A. All sports staff are specialist staff and are DBS cleared with the appropriate qualification.

Q. Are they able to have anything to eat or drink?
A. Children will not be provided with any food but will need to take their water bottle in with them.

Q. How do you decide who is given a place in the club?
A. We keep a matrix to ensure that clubs are shared out fairly.

Q. What happens if there is an accident?
A. There will always be a second member of staff on the premises. Outside agencies will also be provided with emergency contact details.