History subject coordinator – Miss Taylor

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History key vocabulary

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History Intent

At Moat Farm Infant School all children, including SEN and disadvantaged are encouraged to work as historians and learn the following concepts and themes:


  • Understand chronology
  • Investigate and Interpret the past
  • Understand world History
  • Communicate historically


  • Exploration of historical questions
  • Evaluating so as to inform opinions
  • Primary and secondary sources and artefacts
  • Build a knowledge of a broad timeline form ancient times to present day


Most of the time in History, we learn through enquiry and children are encouraged to behave like historians. Topics are chosen based on children’s interests. They explore real sources or photographs to help them ask questions, investigate and draw their own conclusions about things that have happened in the past. History is taught in blocks to help deepen understanding and skills. After the topic has been taught it is revisited for quizzes and discussions. Also, children are encouraged to investigate topics at home with their families via homework.

In EYFS, children begin to explore history that is directly relevant to their own lives. They are encouraged to discuss the lives of their older family members, comparing and contrasting it to their own lives presently.

In Key Stage 1, children explore the same concepts and skills in each year group, but applied to different topics. This helps them to master the skills that they have learned.

In Year 1, we build on from EYFS by creating timelines of their own lives to begin to grasp the concept of chronology. They also are given the opportunity to ask questions and investigate old household objects and then compare these to what objects are used their own homes. During Year 1’s space topic, they learn about the first moon landing and how that impacted science in present day.

In Year 2, we expand their historical understanding further by taking them back in time further in the past to World War II. They repeat skills that have been learned in Year 1 to help them explore what happened during World War II. Geography links are also made during this topic when looking at which parts of the world have invaded. Year 2 children are given the opportunity to study Winston Churchill’s life and the impact that he had.


Our design of History at Moat Farm Infant school helps children to work like historians. By covering key concepts and skills thoroughly helps children to be able to:

  • have a better understanding of chronology and be able to use historical vocabulary to describe time.
  • be curious about the past and ask effective questions.
  • research by using the internet, books and talking to relatives.
  • have a wider knowledge and understanding of British history, their own family history and key events.
  • begin to think critically, make judgement and voice opinions.

These things combined help children to understand changes over time, create a sense of identity, be inspired and learn lessons from events in the past.

Useful websites:


Guy Fawkes

Interactive timeline to plot family history

Year 1

The first moon landing

Neil Armstrong

Looking at objects in old and new houses and comparing them

Interactive timeline to plot family history

Year 2

The Great Fire of London

World War II

Christopher Columbus

Winston Churchill

Interactive timeline to plot family history