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Geography and History overview 22-23

Geography key vocabulary

MFI Geography Information Leaflet

Geography Intent

At Moat Farm Infant School all children, including SEN and disadvantaged are encouraged to work as geographers and learn the following concepts and themes:


  • To investigate places
  • To investigate patterns
  • To communicate geographically


  • Map and atlas work
    • Human and physical features
    • Investigating and field work


Most of the time in Geography, we learn through enquiry and children are encouraged to behave like geographers.

Geography is taught in blocks to help deepen understanding and skills. After the topic has been taught it is revisited for quizzes and discussions. All classes have a world map that they add places studied to throughout their time at Moat Farm Infant School. Also, as part of the morning routine children listen to the weather report so they can monitor patterns in the weather in relation to the seasons and explore geographical vocabulary.

In EYFS, children begin to explore Geography that is directly relevant to their own lives. They are encouraged to explore their environment, the world around them and seasonal changes. They also learn about different cultures through learning about celebrations (for example, Chinese New Year).


In Key Stage 1, children explore the same concepts and skills in each year group, but applied to different topics. This helps them to master the skills that they have learned.


In Year 1, we broaden children’s environmental awareness by studying their local area. Children learn Geographical vocabulary and their definitions so geographical features can be identified when going on a local area walk. Children also learn to voice their opinions when discussing likes and dislikes of their environment. They also apply map skills learned to create simple maps of the school and their local area.

In Year 2, we continue to build on children’s previously taught geographical skills by applying them when looking at the world outside the local area. Children compare what they have learned about their local area in Year 1 to a contrasting country. We look at key features, human and physical features of the local area and the new country, then compare and contrast them.



Our design of the Geography curriculum at Moat Farm Infant school helps children to work like geographers. By covering key concepts and skills thoroughly helps children to be able to:


  • be curious about the world around them
  • have a better understanding of local geography and the wider world
  • communicate geographically to describe, compare and contrast different places.
  • begin to think critically, make judgement and voice opinions.
  • use and create simple maps
  • begin to understand and have a knowledge of different cultures
  • seek and describe patterns

These things combined help children to have a better, wider understanding of the world and cultures, build navigation skills and have a better understanding of where they come from.

Books to inspire Geography

Useful websites:

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Explore the world


Year 1

Explore the world

Human/Physical features

UK and capital cities


Year 2

Explore the world

Human/Physical features

UK and capital cities

Grid references

Continents and oceans