School Meals Provider: Dolce Catering

Our school meals for your children are provided by Dolce Catering. Dolce who offer you, as parents, more control over your child’s lunch options. Children are no longer expected to choose a meal when they arrive at the dining hall counter. Dolce use an On-line ordering system that enables you to order your child’s meal weekly or even termly. When your child reaches the counter in the dining hall, their meal choice will be displayed on a screen along with any allergies or dietary requirements that you have identified. You can therefore be confident that your child will receive the meal you have selected for them.

We encourage you to visit Dolce’s website, which will provide with you more information at this link:      

On their website you will find details of the menus used, meal information, ingredients and lots more. From September the school will be using the ‘Choice’ menu.

In order for you to be able to select your child’s meal the school will need a valid email address.  Once we have a valid e-mail address you will be sent a link that will enable you to log into Dolce’s ‘live kitchen’. If you haven’t supplied us with a valid email address please contact the school office.


Once you are able to log onto ‘live kitchen’ you will be able to order your child’s meals, update personal information and record any allergies. This information is vital. May we ask that parents also provide the same information to the school administration team.

You are able to access ‘live kitchen’ from any device including, smart phones, ipads, tablets, desk top computers and laptops. Can we ask parents who have no access to the internet to contact the school office, so that alternative arrangements can be made.

Please remember that all pupils in school are entitled to a hot meal. If you wish to send your child with a packed lunch we would still encourage you to consider the options that will be available through Dolce.

Parents aree asked to pre-order at least a week’s meals before 9.00am on a Monday.  You will be able to book meals for a term in advance if you wish to do so.

If you have any queries please call into see a member of the administration team, they will be pleased to help you.