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Here you can find pictures and videos from the school day, special occasions and trips. Please click on a title to view the images you’d like to see.

Roald Dahl book covers

Children and Teachers from across our school recreated their favourite book covers from the works of Roald Dahl.

Year 1 Dudley Zoo Trip

Year 1 had a wonderful time at Dudley Zoo. The children loved exploring the different habitats that the animals live in and finding out new and amazing facts about animals ranging from tiny Meerkats to giant Giraffes.

Charles III Coronation

Throughout school the children celebrated the Coronation of King Charles III with picnics, craft activities, stories and lessons focusing on the history of the Monarchy.

Christmas Fair

Our school hosted a successful Christmas fair at the end of 2022. Children and parents took part in activities and games such as raffles, ring toss, face painting, crafts and sports. Children and adults also got a chance to try delicious snacks and treats provided staff and volunteers.

EYFS Provision

Take a look at what some of the children in Nursery and Reception have been getting up to in school.

Easter egg displays

Our children demonstrated their creativity with these amazing Easter egg displays and models.

World book week

We celebrated world book week throughout school. The children were able to bring their cuddly toy in and enjoy reading and listening to their favourite books

Year 2 Museum trip

Year 2 visited Cannock Chase Museum as part of their Second World War history topic. They learned about what children in the 1940s experienced during the war and how families coped during those difficult years.