Alert: Report of an incident in the Oldbury area

On Thursday 8th October (am) a student was walking by the Langley Swimming Centre and was confronted by a male who stood in front of her and blocked her way. The student ran off into Brookfields Road.

Description: white male, approximately 40-50 years‑old.

Alert: report of an incident in the Wednesbury area

On Tuesday 29 September 2020 at 3.35pm a parent and her 6 year old daughter, on their way home from school, were approached by a man. The man spoke and made a comment about the hat the child was wearing.

Description: white male, slim, approx. 6 feet tall, 55 years old, with white hair and wearing a thin orange jacket and had a black backpack.

Alert: report of an incident in the West Bromwich area

A report has been received that on Monday 28 September 2020 a male appeared to be taking photos/videos through the school perimeter fence of children playing. After being approached by a teacher, he moved away from the fence.

Description: Asian male, in his 20’s/early 30’s and wearing a black jacket and black cap.

The police have been notified.